Mike Yaw Quartet

Mike Yaw Quartet: Tarantula Dance

$9.82 $11.98

Artist: Mike Yaw Quartet
Title: Tarantula Dance

The Mike Yaw Quartet offers fusion with a blend of various musicians interpreting his compositions. This album is a mixture of compositions Mike Yaw has written over the course of several years. The band is comprised of Jeff Koch on bass, Juan Rodriguez on Piano/Keys, Tim Basom on guitar, and Mike Yaw on drums. Each player's contribution is stellar and truly bring this music to life.

1.1 Crepescular Melange
1.2 Rusty Don
1.3 He Shoots He Scores
1.4 Rose
1.5 Rusty Dave
1.6 Milk Man
1.7 Tarantula Dance
1.8 Skyward

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