Milagres: Violent Light

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Artist: Milagres

Artist: Milagres
Title: Violent Light
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. 2014 album from the Indie hipsters. Violent Light finds the band's melodic sensibilities intact, but with rougher edges. Singer Kyle Wilson weaves together his falsetto and lower registers as seamlessly as he always has, but the songs on this album have more of a sense of urgency. With the departure of multi-instrumentalist Eric Schwartz and the addition of kinetic drummer Paul Payabab the band has become a four-piece, and this stripped-down lineup has translated to the music: The songs are somewhat more crystalline, more hard-edged than on the previous album, without losing any of the beauty.

1.1 Perennial Bulb
1.2 Terrifying Sea
1.3 Jeweled Cave
1.4 Black Table
1.5 Column of Streetlight
1.6 Letterbomb
1.7 Urban Eunuchs
1.8 Idnyl
1.9 Sunburn

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