Milesi, Piero / Bacalov, Daniel

Milesi, Piero / Bacalov, Daniel: La Camera Astratta

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Product Type: VINYL LP

Title: La Camera Astratta
Label: Cuneiform
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. Composed and performed by Piero Milesi and Daniel Bacalov on piano, samplers, percussion, electronics and synthesizers. Originally released only on CD in 1988, La Camera Astratta, is a 'video opera' and the music to an installation, Documenta 8, which was a collaboration between the two composers and Studio Azzuro, all of whom were based in and heavily involved with Milan's cutting edge avant-garde. Finally released on vinyl on it's 30th anniversary thanks to the co-operation between Soave Records (Italy) and Cuneiform Records, only 80 copies are available for the USA market!

1.1 Astratta (Abstract)
1.2 Camera 1 Parte (Room, PT 1)
1.3 Sequenza Ragazze 1 Parte (Girl's Sequence, PT 1)
1.4 Sequenza Ragazzi (Boy's Sequence)
1.5 Aqua (Water)
1.6 Sequenza Ragazzi 2 Parte (Girl's Sequence, PT 2)
1.7 Sirocco
1.8 Piccoli Sassi (Little Stones)
1.9 Perdere Il Tempo (To Lose Time)
1.10 Camera 2 (Room, PT 2)

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