Milk Teeth

Milk Teeth: Vile Child

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Milk Teeth

Artist: Milk Teeth
Title: Vile Child

2016 release. After their release of two critically acclaimed EPs, Milk Teeth have once again stepped up their game on their debut full length, Vile Child. The UK quartet effortlessly combines their female and male vocal leads and melodies to blend their unique style that is sure to make them one of the latest buzz bands from across the pond.

1.1 Brickwork
1.2 Driveway Birthday
1.3 Burger Drop
1.4 Brain Food
1.5 Swear Jar (Again)
1.6 Get a Clue
1.7 Moon Wanderer
1.8 Kabuki
1.9 Crows Feet
1.10 Leona
1.11 Cut You Up
1.12 Sunbaby

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