Milky Chance

Milky Chance: Blossom

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Artist: Milky Chance

Artist: Milky Chance
Title: Blossom

2017 release, the sophomore album from the German duo. The first single 'Cocoon', inspired by trying to find a period of reflection on the runaway success of their first album has already reached Top 25 at Alternative Radio. Time describes the song as "Somewhere between the folksy rock of Vampire Weekend and the haunting electropop of Beach House", adding that it's "low-key alt-rock that appeals to indie listeners and mainstream pop fans". Indie Shuffle writes, "They have wonderfully upbeat songs and can also put on a pretty solid live performance", and Indie Obsessive claims, "The band's sound combines deep, organic warmth instrumental arrangements and it also brings forth a palpable sense of returning to a place of serenity."

1.1 Blossom
1.2 Ego
1.3 Firebird
1.4 Doing Good
2.1 Clouds
2.2 Cold Blue Rain
2.3 Stay
3.1 Bad Things (Feat. Izzy Bizu)
3.2 Cocoon
3.3 Losing You
3.4 Peripeteia
4.1 Alive
4.2 Piano Song
4.3 Heartless

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