Milnes, Jesse

Milnes, Jesse: Deep End Sessions, Vol. II

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Milnes, Jesse

Title: Deep End Sessions, Vol. II
Label: CD Baby

1.1 Fun's All Over
1.2 Puncheon Floor
1.3 Roving Gambler
1.4 My Better Years
1.5 Come All You Roving Gamblers
1.6 Fine Times at Our House
1.7 Big Fish
1.8 I Got Lucky with You
1.9 Undone in Sorrow
1.10 Hiram Herbert
1.11 Yellow Barber
1.12 No Corn on Tygart
1.13 Sally Anne Johnson
1.14 Hungry Faint and Poor
1.15 Angelina Baker
1.16 Woody's Waltz
1.17 My Baby's Not a Nightowl

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