Milo Bobbins

Milo Bobbins: Best of Bobbins

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Milo Bobbins

Title: Best of Bobbins
Label: CD Baby

Milo Bobbins first gained national attention when 'Condoms for Christmas' soared to the top of Dr. Demento's Christmas funny forty in 1992. Surprised by being in the company of Weird Al and Stan Freeberg, Milo was even more surprised to get a call from Hollywood. Joe Esterhasz wanted to use the song in his movie, 'Burn, Hollywood, Burn,' with it's A-list cast. Though the movie never lived up to expectations, it did carry Milo's music around the world through mostly late-night screenings. This little disc also carries Milo's paean to Vanna White; 'Barroom Cathedral,' a song that Beer Church lovers can relate to; and 'Holstein Blues,' an ode to a beloved dairy cow that has seen her best days.

1.1 Barroom Cathedral
1.2 Va-Va-Va-Vanna
1.3 Condoms for Christmas
1.4 The Holstein Blues

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