Mind Brains

Mind Brains: Mind Brains

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Mind Brains

Title: Mind Brains
Label: Orange Twin

Mind Brains is a new band/recording project originating from Athens, GA featuring former Olivia Tremor Control member Eric Harris (on homemade electronic drum set), alongside Emily Waldron (lead guitar and electric auto harp), Kris Deason (synths and homemade electronics) and Hannah Jones (percussion and tympani), with appearances by Heather McIntosh, Andy Gonzales and John Fernandes. It was written and recorded by the group and it features a lot of home made electronic instruments and a dog with a cough. The music runs the gamut from pretty and strange group vocal excursions to long, meandering electronic instrumental passages, at times reminiscent of the works of the Residents or Captain Beefheart."

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