Mind Muzic

Mind Muzic: New Age Education Grade K-2

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Mind Muzic

Title: New Age Education Grade K-2
Label: CD Baby

MindMuzic is Educational Music Company offering over 150 radio-ready songs based on the Common Core Curriculum, where students learn state required lessons on History, Science, English and Mathematics, including STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, through Educational Music! MindMuzic provides students with career and job ready skills through our New Age Educational music, suiting students and teachers needs during this technological evolution of our 21st century! MindMuzic is specifically designed for all learning modalities, visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and special needs. MindMuzic Provides: • CD's and Music Downloads of 150+ songs covering History, Science, English and Mathematics • Easy Access to CD's for personal music players, iPad's, computers, cars and home • Topics categorized by grade levels • Typography and Music Videos • Worksheets • Tests • Lyric Booklet's • In-class Presentations • Informative School Assemblies/Performances What is MINDMUZIC's Mission? • Improve grades • Strengthen SAT scores • Increase school attendance and graduation rates • Escalate parent participation • Provide a fun supplemental learning tool for teachers • Promote a successful learning environment • Remind students, teachers, parents that learning is fun and should continue well outside of the classroom.

1.1 Warm-Up
1.2 Pledge of Allegiance
1.3 Body Parts
1.4 Abc-123
1.5 Mixing Colors
1.6 Let's Go to the Zoo
1.7 Shapes
1.8 Addition and Subtraction
1.9 Compare and Contrast
1.10 Good Manners
1.11 Time-Calendar-Seasons
1.12 Nouns and Verbs
1.13 Consonants and Vowels
1.14 Building Punctuation
1.15 Concept of Exchange
1.16 Multiplication
1.17 Photosynthesis
1.18 Great People
1.19 Career Day
1.20 Cool Down

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