Mindmaze: Back from the Edge

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Mindmaze

Title: Back from the Edge
Label: Inner Wound Records

Mindmaze are a promising band like no other. In a time when female-fronted metal is at an all-time high in popularity and also at an all-time high for imitators and copy-cats, this Pennsylvania-based group has strived to create a sound and identity all their own. The group s sophomore album Back from the Edge is now set for an October 2014 release through Inner Wound Recordings. The band is beyond excited for what this new album is bringing to the table, and strongly believe that it will put their debut album to shame. The album features Mike LePond [Symphony X] on bass on all tracks.

1.1 Back from the Edge
1.2 Through the Open Door
1.3 Moment of Flight
1.4 Dreamwalker
1.5 Machine Stops
1.6 Consequences of Choice
1.7 End of Eternity
1.8 Onward (Destiny Calls, Pt. 2)

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