Mindmaze: Resolve

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Mindmaze

Title: Resolve
Label: Inner Wound Records

2017 release. Mindmaze is back with Resolve, their third full-length and first-ever concept album. Female-fronted metal with elements of power, progressive, traditional heavy metal, and melodic rock in an exciting package that explores the depth of human emotion and struggling in the face of loss and betrayal. The band continues to forge their footprint as one of the most promising and unique female-fronted bands to come along in recent times.

1.1 Reverie
1.2 Fight the Future
1.3 In This Void
1.4 Drown Me
1.5 Sign of Life
1.6 Abandon
1.7 Sanity's Collapse
1.8 One More Moment
1.9 Twisted Dream
1.10 True Reflection
1.11 Shattered Self
1.12 Release
1.13 The Path to Perseverance

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