Ministry: Houses Of The Mole

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Artist: Ministry

Artist: Ministry
Title: Houses Of The Mole
Product Type: VINYL LP

"Houses of the Molé" is the ninth studio album by industrial metal band Ministry, originally released in 2004. The album is the first part of the band's anti-Bush trilogy, followed by Rio Grande Blood (2006) and The Last Sucker (2007). It was released in the run up to the 2004 American presidential elections, with George W. Bush being president at the time of it's release. In 2005, Houses of the Molé was ranked No. 434 in Rock Hard magazine's book of The 500 Greatest Rock & Metal Albums of All Time. FANTASTIC 140 GRAM CLEAR VINYL LIMITED EDITION

1.1 No "W"
1.2 Waiting
1.3 Worthless
1.4 Wrong
1.5 Warp City
1.6 WTV
1.7 World
1.8 Wkyj
1.9 Worm
1.10 Psalm 23
1.11 Walrus

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