Mink Deville: Return to Magenta

Mink Deville: Return to Magenta
Title: Return to Magenta
Label: Culture Factory

This is a compact disc "vinyl replica deluxe" with the same packaging as the original LP in CD format (cardboard sleeve). Brand new, original, factory-shrink wrapped, limited edition CD release. Mink DeVille! Second album further explore the romantic, nostalgic territory that drove Willy DeVille's creative spirit. Moon Martin wrote the song Rolene on this album, as well as Cadillac Walk, a song on the band's previous album, "Cabretta".

1.1 Guardian Angel
1.2 Soul Twist
1.3 "A" Train Lady
1.4 Rolene
1.5 Desperate Days
1.6 Just Your Friends
1.7 Steady Drivin' Man
1.8 Easy Slider
1.9 I Broke That Promise
1.10 Confidence to Kill

Mink Deville: Return to Magenta

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