Mint Novacaine

Mint Novacaine: All the Numbness & Fresh Breath Too!

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Artist: Mint Novacaine

Artist: Mint Novacaine
Title: All the Numbness & Fresh Breath Too!

I guess it started in high school, friends curious about what the note said to get me out of music class... I'd go and cool out with the other kid who always had a guitar tossed over his shoulder. It wasn't until long out ...Some traveling and living that one day we ran into each other again, a cover band playing at some random bar. Over a drink talking, Wiz confided that he was done with covers and had a bunch of ideas for originals, I jokingly said, 'If you need a bassist, I've still got some music happening!' I had just gotten into recording and learning some piano. After getting together for the purpose of dumping some of his rougher ideas from the cheap 4 track recorder to a CD and spending a little time polishing up the grime, our first project by the name of Basic Backbeat Rhythms of the Broken Hearted, Midnight Novacaine took shape. One hundred CDs were printed. We decided it was worth stepping it up so we started to look for a drummer as Wiz refused to play on a stage with only a drum machine. RyDawg was introduced and welcomed into the band, adding his own flair. Old songs took new life and new songs were conceived. We opted for the name change to Mint Novacaine, shortly after. The stage has been an adventure. Three years later we're very proud to offer Mint Novacaine, where we give you, 'All the Numbness and Fresh Breath Too! 13 delicious tracks we hope you'll enjoy! ;-) -Fr3ShiE.

1.1 Easily Taken
1.2 Messin' Around
1.3 Home
1.4 My History
1.5 Get in Line
1.6 Everybody Just Danced
1.7 Take It Away
1.8 Fix
1.9 Locksmith
1.10 You Took My Heart
1.11 The Best
1.12 Clean Getaway
1.13 The Look

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