Miracle Made

Miracle Made: Miracle Made

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Artist: Miracle Made

Title: Miracle Made
Label: CD Baby

The Miracle Made Story by Joe Holder: In the summer of 2006 a co-worker of my wife invited us to her church in Mt. Airy, NC. Our invitation had come from Amanda Leonard, who I later learned was a singer and songwriter. After a few months of church together, Amanda asked me if I could help her with some songwriting for a CD she was getting ready to record. After playing in working rock bands for the last 15 years, I reluctantly agreed to help. Because I had enjoyed recording and writing music so much in the past, I thought this would pacify my needs for music, since my band had dissolved. What a blessing this turned out to be! After helping Amanda arrange some of her songs, I got the idea that I might write a few songs for her to include on her CD. One Sunday morning while missing church with a sick child, I sat down with my guitar and within a matter of minutes had completely written the song "He Lives" that appears on Amanda's CD "My Journey Here". As the lyrics of this song poured out of me like water I was brought to tears with the awesome feeling of God's love and promise of salvation. That's when the gates of heaven opened up for me, I began to write song after song and unlike in the past, they actually had meaning, a purpose. Over the next several weeks, God gave me songs that seemed to come with very little effort and were so much better than anything I had written before. Even when Amanda gave me new lyrics she had written, it was like I already had the music waiting for them. As the songs piled up, I wondered what I would do with these songs. I didn't have a band anymore and wasn't sure where I was going with my love for music. So I prayed about the songs and just kept writing, soon I realized that God was not giving me these songs just to keep to myself. I had to get them recorded and share them. I had always dreamed of making a solo record and playing all the music myself, without a band, so now seemed like the right time. I contacted my friend Wesley Easter at Eastwood Studios, where I had recorded two original albums in the past with my rock band, and got the process started. This was my new passion in music and thus was born "Miracle Made".

1.1 Finding Yourself
1.2 You Gotta Believe
1.3 On My Feet Again
1.4 Man Behind the Wheel
1.5 Beauty of His Grace
1.6 Push Through
1.7 I'm Not the Same
1.8 Best Love
1.9 He's Coming Home
1.10 Together
1.11 Don't Wait
1.12 Will You Be There
1.13 You Made It All

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