Mish Mash

Mish Mash: Speechless

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Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE
Artist: Mish Mash

Artist: Mish Mash
Title: Speechless
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

If you've spent any time in the vicinity of a discotheque recently, you'll immediately know Speechless. Containing more booty than Beyoncé's back end; enough funk to backcomb Sly Stone's afro; and more glamour-hugging disco than Bianca Jagger and her white horse could ever have handled, it's already played forward-thinking club heads. In 2006, thanks to a mighty push by Data, who have chosen Speechless to mark their release centenary, it's aiming for the hit parade jugular. Mish Mash consists of Oscar Fullone, one of Scotland's original acid house converts, Kasper Winding, a classically trained musical prodigy hailing from Denmark and Lois Norbye who hails from Copenhagen, with a background that takes in ballet dancing and performing as a singer and actress in Denmark and beyond. Pinnuk.2006.

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