Topology + Misinterprotato: Healthy

Misinterprotato: Healthy
Title: Healthy
Label: Newmarket

What happens when you put two of Australia's most inventive bands together, one taking a completely fresh look at the classic jazz piano trio, the other reinventing chamber music? You get music like no other - music that sounds like right now, with infectious grooves and seductive melodies, taking the best from a plethora of influences. Topology is recognized as one of Australia's leading new music groups. Their energetic, full-blooded sound continues to invigorate and reward listeners with it's progressive approach to contemporary classical group. Combining Violin, Viola, Saxophone, Piano and Double Bass their music is restless and inventive. A perfect match for Misinterprotato, Australia's most forward thinking jazz trio. This piano, bass and drums trio is known for forging new path for contemporary jazz in Australia and internationally. Complex, textural and dynamic, but instantly accessible. "HEALTHY" is just that, the healthy combination of like musical minds. Consisting of a blend of works from composers in each ensemble the resulting album is breathtaking. Drummer John's Parker's dense rhythmic works "Healthy Lifestyle v3" and "Mean" are perfectly balanced with Saxophonist John Babbage's alluring "Lost at Sea" and the textural "Generations". Misinterprotato pianist Sean Foran contributes the graceful "A New Beginning" and "That which is not fleeting", a work which constantly surprises with it's twist and turns. Topology Bassist Rob Davidsons' "Round Roads" is a landscape of musical ideas, dense and complex yet filled with clarity of expression. To round off the album an inventive arrangement of minimalist composer Steve Reich's' "Clapping Music", only without the clapping. One could compare it to the sounds minimalist sounds of Michael Nyman, Terry Riley and Steve Reich, with a touch of Astor Piazolla, and the modern jazz influences of Pat Metheny. Wrap this up in the visual, cinematic style of Bernard Hermann and the Cinematic Orchestra and you're getting close. One thing is a certainty, these influences combine to create a sound that is incomparable not only in Australia, but internationally.

1.1 Generations
1.2 That Which Is Not Feeling
1.3 Clapping Music
1.4 Mean
1.5 Intro to a Healthy Lifestyle V3
1.6 Healthy Lifestyle V3
1.7 A New Beginning
1.8 Round Roads
1.9 Lost at Sea

Topology + Misinterprotato: Healthy

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