Miskatonic: Path Left Hidden

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Artist: Miskatonic

Artist: Miskatonic
Title: Path Left Hidden

Miskatonic is an Edmonton based metal band who started in the basement of guitarist Ryan Huff and drummer Joshua Vereschagin's house. After close to a year together, guitarist Dylan Atkinson joined and helped establish what would become the Miskatonic sound. Months passed until Vocalist Matt Henkel and Bassist Kyle Clifford joined Miskatonic, tightening Miskatonic's metal sound to a science. Miskatonic has played numerous shows throughout Edmonton and have gained a loyal following during the last three years. In this time, Miskatonic has recorded an album titled 'Call of the Ancient'. Most recently, Dylan Atkinson has decided to leave Miskatonic to pursue his career with black metal legends Weapon. Miskatonic has since replaced Dylan with new guitar player Shayne Gutscher who more than complements Miskatonic. Miskatonic is currently finalizing new songs to follow their release 'Call of the Ancient' and will be playing as many shows and festivals as possible in the next year. Look for their new album to be released independently in early 2011.

1.1 Daemon Whisper
1.2 Upon the Shield
1.3 The Path Left Hidden
1.4 River of Blood
1.5 Mark of the Hybrid
1.6 Seven
1.7 The Vision
1.8 Incarceration

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