Mission Giant

Mission Giant: Brotherhood of the Plug

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Mission Giant

Title: Brotherhood of the Plug
Label: CD Baby

During it's humble beginnings in Denton, TX, 1996, Mission Giant began to craft music with a mix of instruments including vintage synthesizers, children's toys, assorted drum machines, old exercise records on vinyl, pawn shop Casios, and a Sega Genesis video game system. The band continues to challenge and delight audiences both aurally and visually. They are as comfortable performing in a typical rock club as they are in a gallery setting.

1.1 Potential for Future Dynamics
1.2 Fast Kids Sound Like Seagulls
1.3 Get Fun Alot
1.4 Naked Body
1.5 Theme from 'Stat'
1.6 You're in Love
1.7 Water Wings
1.8 Darkened Technology
1.9 Lazer Daze of Summer
1.10 Inhaler Voice
1.11 Scared Shitless
1.12 Uhhh
1.13 Life
1.14 Womb
1.15 Urban Wildland Interface
1.16 The Last Minstrel

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