Mississippi Heat

Mississippi Heat: Straight from the Heart

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Artist: Mississippi Heat
Title: Straight from the Heart

STRAIGHT FORM THE HEART IS Mississippi Heat's first studio recording. It was recorded with a tour to Punto Del Este (Uruguay) in mind. That tour actually never took place but the recording stayed! STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART put Mississippi Heat on the Blues map, and helped launch the band both locally, in Canada and in Europe as well. Heavyweights guests (Sam Lay and Muddy Waters' Bass man Calvin Jones) add to this fiery and soulful album. The quintet line-up include bandleader Pierre Lacocque on harp, Robert Covington on drums and lead vocals, Billy Flynn and James Wheeler on guitars, and Bob Stroger on bass. *********** Here is what the critics say: STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART PRESS REVIEWS/QUOTES "One in a blue moon a band like this comes along ... (STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART) got that quality that gives you that gut bucket gizzard rip feel with each and every song. You just want to stop whatever the hell important thing you're doing and get down and boogie when these blues jump off those speakers ... (Pierre) can blow harp with the best of them. (He's got) excellent harp tone and technique ... (Billy Flynn) plays wicked guitar and slide guitar ... Drummer/singer Robert 'Golden Voice' Covington is absolutely one of the most gifted blues singer on the face of the Old Mother Earth." - LAS VEGAS BLUES SOCIETY "STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART is steeped with tradition, influenced with experience, and so well balanced with artistry. MISSISSIPPI HEAT will warm you, toast you, and fire you up. ... Almost every song has a specific arrangement worked out for each instrument, and everything seems well rehearsed and well thought of. Although one would think that this is the way it's supposed to be on all recordings, far too many blues bands seem to take the easy way out, apparently thinking that calling out 'Slow blues in G' is all the direction that's necessary - but that's definitely NOT the case with this band." - AMERICAN HARMONICA NEWSLETTER "Thankfully, these guys play as though Rock music had never happened ... an extremely pleasant surprise." - BLUES LIFE JOURNAL (AUSTRIA) "I am skeptical when a band bills itself as preserving a particular tradition or as an all-star band, both of which MISSISSIPPI HEAT does. Usually it means a band has no sound of it's own. In this case they do have one and it is remarkable." - COLUMBUS BLUES ALLIANCE "The 13-track set (all but two tunes are originals) is an energetic and cohesive ensemble workout that harks back to the classic Waters/Williamson/Wolf days of Chicago blues. ... MISSISSIPPI HEAT is one of Chicago's top bands." - CHICAGO TRIBUNE "MISSISSIPPI HEAT is stoking up a vintage bonfire on every tack. (Theirs) is a tasty program. You won't find many Rock or R&B styling here, just plenty of swinging, soulful, stone blues, convincingly performed with both skill and passion." - CHICAGO BLUES MAGAZINE "MISSISSIPPI HEAT is THE hot new act on the Chicago blues scene. ... Billy Flynn is a world-class player ... Pierre is mind-blowing, a real hidden gem." - BLUES MENTOR (MILWAUKEE BLUES SOCIETY) "A classy, enjoyable set of Chicago blues ..." - BLUES & RHYTHM "Pierre is a real soul man." - JUNIOR WELLS French Review "L'homogénéité et la dynamique du groupe priment sur la mise en valeur d'individualités. En cela, ils suivent l'exemple de Muddy Waters qui, tout au long de sa carrière, s'est entoure de musiciens expérimentés et talentueux, solides individualités a part entière, tout en veillant a la cohésion du groupe et au maintien d'un jeu collectif. ... STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART est un no-nonsense Chicago Blues de grande qualité. ... Les vocaux de Robert Covington sont extrêmement savoureux, sensuels et convaincants. ... Chicago semble vouloir sortir de sa léthargie et on ne peut qu'applaudir." - BLUES NOTES/JAZZ IN TIME ************ Check out other Mississippi Heat CDs and LIVE DVD on cdbaby.com For more information on Mississippi Heat and it's leader, harp player Pierre Lacocque, please refer to the band's website 'mississippiheat.net'. There you will find an interview with Pierre, CDs for sale, pictures of the current line-up, audio and video clips, a press kit, and quotes from the press and professional magazines. E-mail us at 'therealheat@hotmail.com'.

1.1 Lovin' You
1.2 Midnight Ride
1.3 Leavin' Town
1.4 She Knows What Love Is About
1.5 No Sorrows
1.6 Ruby Mae
1.7 Heartbroken
1.8 Straight from the Heart
1.9 I Wish You Would Stay
1.10 Lonely Without You
1.11 Bad Luck
1.12 Mother-In-Law Blues
1.13 Mississippi Heat

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