Mississippi Live: Way Down Here

Mississippi Live: Way Down Here
Title: Way Down Here
Label: CD Baby

'a straightforward rocking energy that brings to mind bands like Crazy Horse, Gin Blossoms and Wilco. This is rock 'n' roll, with hints of country and blues played with an undeniable enthusiasm that is as infectious as the music... it is as good as early Springsteen or pre stadium pomp Kings of Leon and you can't argue with that.' The Music Critic '...recapitulates the best elements from Neil Young and Crazy Horse legacies, earliest Bruce Springsteen or John Mellencamp works. Brilliant work and fine realization. Absolutelly recommendable... Rating : 9 / 10 Blockner Reviews 'Way Down Here' you can lose in your record collection. For years you might not even miss him. Until a certain moment the album itself again arises. The record will be just as riveting as the first time that you heard it... The timeless kind of folk, honest and sincere... something you feel. Mississippi Live is a true craftsman in the house when it comes to writing songs. 4 out of 5 stars! EKAYA Magazine "It grabs the listener's ear right from the getgo... immediately appealing... His vocals are heartfelt, the music is scorching, and basically the CD goes by way too fast. You just want to get lost in the feel and the emotion and then replay it." The LA Beat "they deliver a dirty muddy rock sound that is as sludgy as the fabled delta he hails from with obvious nods to the likes of the Drive By Truckers and Neil Young in Southern Man mode. Great Stuff! ...a very satisfying album." Americana UK - Paul Kerr 'Way Down Here', has been given 'obvious nods to the likes of the Drive-By-Truckers and Neil Young...'(Americana UK) and considered by some to be 'even better than it's debut last year...' Just a week after the release of his debut album, Connely teamed up with a handful of Vancouver musicians and headed right back into the studio. The band, called "the Dirty Dirty" is Jay B. Johnson (Herald Nix, The Blue Shadows) on drums, Jon Wood (Northern Electric)on bass and Ben Yardley (Chinatown) on lead guitar. This second album, "Way Down Here" is co-produced by Jay B. Johnson and Jon Wood. The songs range, from the heavy soul rocking of "The Devil Lives in the T.V." and the desert blues of "Had To Leave Her" to the fun country found in "Over You" and "Butterfly". The album ends on the Pink Floyd wall of sound rock opera "Wooden Nickels", inspired by and dedicated to Connely's grandmother.

1.1 Rain Keeper
1.2 Way Down Here
1.3 Had to Leave Her
1.4 Battle Song
1.5 Stranger
1.6 Butterfly
1.7 The Devil Lives in the T.V
1.8 Over You
1.9 Banjo Song
1.10 Cold
1.11 Wooden Nickels

Mississippi Live: Way Down Here

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