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Mister Fisk: Now to Now

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Artist: Mister Fisk

Artist: Mister Fisk
Title: Now to Now

What listeners are saying; Gives you 'goose-bumps interspersed with an intense impulse to drive down a desert road in a convertible.' 'Mister Fisk pulled off 'Golden Slumbers' by the Beatles, a considerable challenge, and made it original. The lead guitar is great, it floats over the songs.' 'One of the only two music CDs that my son listens to - the first being the soundtrack for O Brother, Where Art Thou.' 'My personal favorite right now is Road Atlas. I've been so impressed by it that I've been constantly pulling up my iPhone to play the song.' 'A couple of your songs made my five star rating - Pool and Weathered Dream.' 'Mister Fisk has a great sound on their new album 'Now to Now'. My three favorite tracks are: Down to Sound --imagine singing/hoping that '..the world can be trusted when you sleep'; Bicycle Song--the catchy (and unexpected!) accordion opening makes you feel like you're in a Paris cafe; and $41 Million U.S. Dollars--the lyrics are more than just clever. Now to Now has been favorably compared to the works of Tom Petty, the Derailers, the Dead, Widespread Panic, and the Bare Naked Ladies. After only several months out, Bicycle Song was featured in a public service announcement for youth employment and in a film short 'Where the Bike Lane Ends.' Liner Notes: Guests on Now to Now- Shay Scott (organ and moog), Eric Schrepel (accordion), and Sophia Merrill with Katie Golab (vocals on Down to Sound), Paul Smailes ($41 mil gang vocals) Recorded at Klickitat Band Camp by Shay Scott (kbcrecords.com) Mixed and produced by Mister Fisk and Shay Scott Mastered by Carl Saff (saffmastering.com) Graphic Design by Stephen Sasser Now to Now Lyrics: Bicycle Song (Lyrics by Erik Merrill) On my bicycle, she rode fast, but I rode faster round the cul-de-sac, Banana seats, pop'n wheelies, she fell hard, but I fell harder. She's a killer machine. She's got everything I need, every thing, every thing I need. On my bicycle, on a mission, there's no swimmin' with no women, I lost Maroni, I found Shimano, these bees make honey, that much I do know. She's a killer machine, she's got everything I need, every thing... On my bicycle, my yellow bicycle, amped on stumptown, feet off the ground, bombing Washington, in a peloton, we fell hard, but they fell harder. She's a killer machine, she's got everything I need, every thing... Evergreen (Lyrics by Scott Crabtree) Snow falls, it's a brand new day Snowfall, when will it come our way? We've stood the test before and here it comes again Somehow I know that you'll be there, in the end Chorus: I won't ask you for nothing, it's enough to have you around I walk out in the snowfall, and I look at what I've found A little bit of beauty, you may never know How you shine to me The future brings a certain stew Whisper thin, nothing sticks to you Stand tall, bend a bit Your flexibility gets you out of it Chorus Seasons come, and the north winds blow But you'll always be there, I know Through seasons past you have grown strong And now you're ready for whatever, comes along Chorus How you shine to me Baby Universe (Lyrics by Erik Merrill) Oregon, the rain gives way to sun, Her hair flies out the window, We lean on lips, our stomachs dip, Not in the same way they do, the day before the school year. By my side, by the lake, Ooo,ooo Baby Universe... Bluebird, so absurd, flies into the window, Gotta get away, gotta get away-gotta-get-away, Before freedom gives way to love's responsibilities. Finding out, all about, Ooo,ooo Baby Universe... Amsterdam, I'll be damned, is that you behind the window, Red light glows, and red light knows, I'm longing for a longing, For a longing - for a longing - for a logging truck. By my side, by the lake, finding out, all about, Ooo, ooo, Baby Universe Laying around September, October, November, December, remember, When does life ever cease to amaze you, Amaze you, amaze you, amazing you... Road Atlas to Your Heart (Lyrics by Erik Merrill) He broke his nose. The corn in rows go whizzing by her evil eye. And she's alone. And he's alone. Together in their car, they promised it would never feel like forever. His humor just seemed to upset her. She bites her nails. The white guardrails can't hold her thoughts, can't hold her dreams of in-between love and grief and grace and fate and all the things that lead you to the road atlas to your heart. Road atlas to your heart, a lost and dieing art, road atlas to your heart, road atlas to your heart. Life is a circle, and life is a line, but love is a crooked beautiful crime. He crossed his arms. She crossed her legs. He crossed the line. She didn't mind. He asked her to just find a way, a rattlesnake, a maze, a cave. Just find a way to the road atlas to your heart. Road atlas to your heart, a place away from harm, road atlas to your heart, road atlas to your heart. She asked him to roll down the window, Roll down the window to the cold, cold rain, Life is a circle, and life is a line, but love is a crooked beautiful crime. Slow Moon Slide (Lyrics by Erik Merrill) With grass on his back, he was giant so giant He towered over the trees, they were tiny so tiny When he found time to breath, it was quiet so quiet Standing by a stream, Standing by a dream All the things that jade, faded, they faded All the things she grew, blossomed, they blossomed As far as she could throw, her hair down flowers If only for an hour, Lose all time and space Slow moon slide, sweet lupine, pearly everlasting As far as they could see, clearcuts smoldered As far as they could know, they'd be lovers The mistakes of his youth were distant pavement And that raven, is just a common crow Slow moon slide, sweet lupine, pearly everlasting Your feet are sand, your hands are wings, your thoughts are breath, and clouds of seeds Weathered Dream (Lyrics by Erik Merrill) She could find a sailor in Nebraska There's not a thing you couldn't ask her She'd tell you different things on different days Sure as there's a war in Angola She's drinking Winslow soda As the path is paved beneath her feet Chorus: Ride on, time heal you, ride on, miles free you, ride on my weathered dream Her ex-boyfriends' families send her letters from sandy beaches with regrets from their wayward sons She can count them on one hand as she can count on everyman for secrets they never told anyone Chorus Got no pictures of our time Just visions of a life I'm not sure were even mine It's a safe car and I'm not mad At the same time, I'm not glad To see you driving away How could you leave me this way 41 Million (Lyrics by several Nigerian widows offering you a very high percentage of $41M, high graded by Scott Crabtree and Erik Merrill, song by Mister Fisk) Pardon me for any inconvenience I have the courage to ask for your assistance Believing that you will never let me down, now or in the future Never let me down (x2) Chorus: Ask us to come down to your country Come on down (x2) You don't have to entertain any fear It's all secret within myself (x2) 41 million, you're one in 6 billion, you're the lucky one I need your full cooperation In your company, in your country For her peaceful relocation to a quiet and serene place Any safer place (x2) Chorus If you are willing to be my partner I am a widow totally hitch free I have resolved to share this ratio: 30 for you, 50 for me And my only son My only son Chorus Slipaway (Lyrics by Scott Crabtree and Erik Merrill) Hey hey hey, mister slipaway, talk to me I need a favor from you Is there anything you can do? These are the people I know And I want them to stay So why, oh why are they slipping away Chorus: Hanging out, or just, hanging on, Hold on You know I've felt it too, take me I know you could Sometimes I wish you would What can I say? What do I know about you? What do I do about me? Chorus Bridge: Gotta hang on to my money, cause I gotta find somebody Who can take me outta here Gotta make my way outta here Gotta fake my way outta here, outta here, ouuta here, outta here A curse is

1.1 Bicycle Song
1.2 Evergreen
1.3 Baby Universe
1.4 Road Atlas
1.5 Slow Moon Slide
1.6 Weathered Dream
1.7 $41 Million U.S. Dollars
1.8 Whisper Chipper
1.9 Pool
1.10 Slipaway
1.11 Golden Slumbers
1.12 Down to Sound

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