Miten: Soul in Wonder

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Miten

Artist: Miten
Title: Soul in Wonder

On his first solo release since 2003's sensational SONGS FOR THE INNER LOVER, Miten expresses his view of the spiritual state of the world through 10 mystical acoustic songs including covers of the blues classic "You Gotta Move" and Van Morrison's "Inarticulate Speach of the Heart". Featuring the silken voice of Deva Premal and lyrics in English, these tracks are a bride between ancient Sanskirt mantra and the artistry of contemporary songwriting.

1.1 Through the Eyes of An Angel
1.2 Lokah Samasta
1.3 Calma E Tranquilidade
1.4 Awakening
1.5 Humaniversal
1.6 Twameva
1.7 Fly High/Om Shree Rama
1.8 You Gotta Move
1.9 Inarticulate Speech of the Heart
1.10 Free Spirit (Ashes to Ashes)

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