Mithril: Tangled Up

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Artist: Mithril

Artist: Mithril
Title: Tangled Up

Mithril: Andra Bohnet: flutes (Irish, wood Boehm, alto, A fife, G bansuri), whistle, small pipes, Celtic harp Tom Morley: fiddle/violin, pochette, tenor banjo, octave mandolin Ben Harper: guitar, electric guitar, bass David Hughes: percussion, harmonium, melodica Mirkwood Chamber Strings (tracks 8, 14 & 15): Thomas Morley (violin), Leila Hobbs (violin), Jonathan Clark (viola, string bass), Barbara Gabriel (cello) Welcome to the latest installment in the Mithril discography! The four of us played our first concert together in January of 2003 and it has been an extremely exciting and musically rewarding musical quest ever since. As the band has explored a variety of material ranging from Irish traditional repertoire to covers of some of our favorite rock tunes, we have figured out how to "Mithrilize" it all to take our listeners on a musical adventure filled with equal parts energy, expression and fun! The selections on this CD include some that we've played from the band's beginnings (Lord of the Rings Set and Ashokan Farewell, a very frequent request by our fans) which have aged well like fine wines over time. However, some of our newest sets (Funky Polkas and Chicken Fingers in the Chapel ) give a different insight into our collective tangled and twisted creative process. As we have been performing frequently with orchestras over the past few years, we also wanted to provide our listeners a taste of that with string arrangements on Captain O'Kane, Ashokan Farewell and the American Set. We want to offer our sincere thanks to all of our Mithril friends and family for all of your fantastic support since the very beginnings of our journey. Enjoy!!!! Here's a more detailed track list, the CD Baby program didn't have enough room to list the contents of some of our medleys! 1. Funky Polka Set: I'll Buy Boots for Maggie/Hide 'n' Seek With Helen/The Chair at Western Drive 2. Josefin's Waltz 3. The Green Hills of Tyrol/The 30 Year Jig 4. Archibald McDonald of Keppoch/The Jug of Punch 5. Earl's Chair/Temperance Reel/Swinging on a Gate 6. The Mountains of Pomeroy 7. Calliope House/The Cowboy Jig 8. Captain O'Kane (The Wounded Hussar) 9. Chicken Fingers in the Chapel: Granny Hold the Candle While I Shave the Chicken's Lips/Wrapped Around Your Finger/Heaton Chapel 10. Lord of the Rings Set: Concerning Hobbits/In Dreams/Bilbo's Birthday Party 11. Santiago 12. Music for a Found Harmonium 13. Tangled Up In Blue/John Ward's Jigs 14. Ashokan Farewell 15. American Set: Soldier's Joy/St. Anne's Reel/The Redhaired Boy/ Kitchen Girl.

1.1 The Rocking Chairs
1.2 Josefin's Waltz
1.3 The Green Hills of Tyrol/The 30 Year Jig
1.4 Music for a Found Harmonium
1.5 Archibald McDonald of Keppoch/The Jug of Punch
1.6 Earl's Chair/Temperance Reel/Swinging on a Gate
1.7 The Mountains of Pomeroy
1.8 Calliope House/The Cowboy Jig
1.9 Captain O'Kane (The Wounded Hussar)
1.10 Chicken Fingers in the Chapel
1.11 Lord of the Rings Set
1.12 Santiago
1.13 Tangled Up in Blue/John Ward's Jigs
1.14 Ashokan Farewell
1.15 American Set

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