Mizz L (Lois)

Mizz L (Lois): Kryptonite Thang

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Artist: Mizz L (Lois)

Artist: Mizz L (Lois)
Title: Kryptonite Thang

This new CD Album, 'Kryptonite Thang' is filled with genuine Southern Soul music and lyrics that touches the heart. There is something here that everyone can relate to... love, happiness, sadness, and pain. The most interesting of all is the title song, 'Kryptonite Thang.' With 'Kryptonite' being the only thing capable of rendering Super Man helpless, a more appropriate title might have been 'Kryptonite Woman.' This album is a must have and will bring enjoyment to you for years to come.

1.1 Naw Naw Baby
1.2 Baby I'm Sorry
1.3 Love You from the Other Side of Town
1.4 I Want You to Know
1.5 A Love Like Yours
1.6 Kryptonite Thang
1.7 I Could Never Love Another
1.8 I Want to Love You Tonight
1.9 Within My Reach
1.10 Inside

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