Mndsgn: ObliqueKitchn

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Artist: Mndsgn

Artist: Mndsgn
Title: ObliqueKitchn
Product Type: VINYL LP

Released in 2012 on 30 hand dubbed cassette tapes, 'ObliqueKitchn' sautees a medley of mid-tempo rhythms in a frying pan of aromatic loops and stewed softsynths. The cover collage depicts immenent transcedance amidst the faces of absurdity.

1.1 Siopao
1.2 Farmrsmarkt
1.3 Litobito(U)
1.4 43rd
1.5 Samosa
1.6 Heights
1.7 Sautéed
1.8 PMG
1.9 Thxman
1.10 Slumb

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