Mo Kenney: Mo Kenney

Mo Kenney: Mo Kenney
Title: Mo Kenney
Label: CD Baby

"As the audience started settling, Mo Kenney took to the stage. After her first note the room was pinched as everyone narrowed in on someone that was not to be missed. She featured beautiful melodies crafted to a voice like a boomerang. Her dynamically vast range left those in attendance speechless." - The Scene "It's not every day that you see an opening act receive a standing ovation however Kenney's rousing set-closing take on David Bowie's song Five Years earned her that standing ovation with flying colours." - Music Nerd "The real shock for me was the immediate impact of Mo Kenney. The young woman penned the A-side, "Eden", when she was barely in High School and honestly, it's hard to not hear the vocal similarities between her and the smoky siren of The Velvet Underground." - Herohill "Kenney wrote "Eden" when she was only 16 (she's 21 now), an effortless song that spills over with youthful innocence and wide-eyed wonder. It's flip-side is a weightier affair, and offers another side of this young new artist we haven't heard the last of." - Quick Before It Melts "We all loved Mo. She's the "real deal" hope to do more work with her." - Ron Sexsmith.

1.1 Eden
1.2 Sucker
1.3 The Great Escape
1.4 I Can't Talk
1.5 Scene of the Crime
1.6 The Happy Song
1.7 In My Lungs
1.8 D J Vu
1.9 Five Years
1.10 Carnivore

Mo Kenney: Mo Kenney

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