Mo Phillips

Mo Phillips: Occasional Yogurt

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Artist: Mo Phillips

Artist: Mo Phillips
Title: Occasional Yogurt

Occasional Yogurt is the ridiculous, super good times, 4th studio album for crazy people and their parents from Portland based ninja Mo Phillips. Do Laser Beams blast out of your eyes? Does your dog lick the couch? Did you name that couch Maria? Then this album is for you! The album is filled with some of Portland's finest musicians (for reals, no joke), and provides ample dancing opportunities as well as some nice down tempo jams to chill out to. Dig it! Also available are two previous releases.

1.1 Talkin' 'Bout Teamwork
1.2 The Runner
1.3 Maria
1.4 Occasional Yogurt
1.5 Electric (Don't Even Try)
1.6 Angus
1.7 A Little More Sleep
1.8 Lunchbox
1.9 Time Machine
1.10 Spinning in Space
1.11 Come Dance with Me
1.12 Laser Beams
1.13 Jello
1.14 Champion of Sleepy Time
1.15 Sleeping Bag
1.16 Low Branch

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