Mo Shref

Mo Shref: In His Flow

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Artist: Mo Shref

Artist: Mo Shref
Title: In His Flow

Fusing the upbeat and energetic flow of hip-hop and rap music with the soulful and inspiring message of the Writings of the Bahá'í Faith, Shameem 'Mo Shref' Moshrefzadeh delivers a unique and fresh style of music that people of all ages can enjoy.

1.1 Ars Poetica
1.2 Wake Up
1.3 Breathe
1.4 Writing Bahá'í (Feat. J-Mos)
1.5 Dawn-Breakers' Story
1.6 That's Right
1.7 Fire and Light
1.8 Glorified
1.9 Translating
1.10 Thy Name
1.11 Descendants of the Dawn (Extended Cut)
1.12 One Common Faith

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