Modern Meditations

Modern Meditations: Modern Meditations to the Beatles

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Artist: Modern Meditations
Title: Modern Meditations to the Beatles

Breathe in, rock out! Modern Meditations have transformed your favorite Beatles songs into meditation music for the Rock 'n' Roll generation: no pan flutes or wind chimes allowed. Shimmering electric guitars and warm percussion create serene instrumentals to wash away your stress. Whether you practice yoga, Pilates, or just veg out in a not-so-close approximation of the lotus position, Modern Meditations is the perfect soundtrack to your daily relaxation ritual.

1.1 Tomorrow Never Knows
1.2 Let It Be
1.3 All You Need Is Love
1.4 Here Comes the Sun
1.5 Strawberry Fields Forever
1.6 Hello, Goodbye
1.7 Across the Universe
1.8 Blackbird
1.9 Hey Jude
1.10 In My Life
1.11 Can't Buy Me Love
1.12 A Million Suns (Original Composition)

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