Moey's Music Party

Moey's Music Party: Sign-Along-Songs

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Product Type: CD

Title: Sign-Along-Songs
Label: CD Baby

Infants (ages 6 - 20 months) can use their hands for communication long before they can control their vocal chords, lips and mouth for speech. By introducing simple signs borrowed from American Sign Language to your infant, your preverbal child can communicate when she's hungry, ready for bed, or needs a diaper change. Teach them to let their hands do the talking! Using sign language increases bonding between parent and child, lessens frustration and biting, and has long-term benefits for your child's language skills and development. These 25 original songs were inspired by families who used songs from class to sign at home. The songs cover all the basic signs you need with baby (more, mom, dad, change my diaper, sleep etc). Sign-Along-Songs make it easy to introduce and practice sign language with your child. The DVD gives a brief introduction with helpful hints to get you started, and each song is performed in sign language to teach you the signs. The CD performed by the wonderful Moey's Music Party makes it easy for you to sign and sing the songs throughout the day. You'll be amazed how much your child has to say to you when she can tell you through signs!

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