Molique / Parnassus Akademie

Molique / Parnassus Akademie: Chamber Music 2

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Title: Chamber Music 2
Label: MDG

"This composer's chamber and vocal compositions ought to be more frequently heard." This is what the English press wrote about Bernhard Molique during his lifetime, and Michael Groß has committed himself to filling this order. Following the spectacular world premiere of Molique's piano trios with his Trio Parnassus, the series continues with more chamber music by this composer - an enthralling addition to the repertoire splendidly presented by the talented young stars of the Parnassus Academy and experienced chamber specialists! Molique skillfully combined public taste and artistic ambition as well as virtuosity and melodicism to form a marvelous musical union. The "greatest violin virtuoso in the whole of Germany" fearlessly rose to the highest challenges of technique, a fact also repeatedly revealed in his chamber music. Nevertheless, what are sometimes daredevil stunts by the flute or the violin above all in the variations are also integrated with fine proportions into the overall design. This is all the more astonishing since Molique, who learned to play the violin under the tutelage of the famous Louis Spohr, was an autodidact as a composer. Word of his talent quickly spread, and so this Royal Wurttemberg Music Director and Court Concertmaster was summoned from Stuttgart to London to educate young composers at the venerable Royal Academy. Here it was certified that "he is more genial than Schubert and Schumann" - a judgment that is perhaps a bit hyperbolic but nonetheless thoroughly understandable when we have the opportunity to enjoy these fresh new presentations by the Parnassus Academy. And they are at their very best in three-dimensional sound, on a perfectly balanced Super Audio album, making Molique's chamber music a sumptuous feast- not only for special occasions!

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