Mollie Gross: Military Wife Comedy

Mollie Gross: Military Wife Comedy
Title: Military Wife Comedy
Label: CD Baby

It didn't take much to convince Mollie Gross to marry her Marine. All he had to tell her was 'I will never get on your nerves 'cause I will always be gone.' But being a military wife did not come easy for this Southern Belle. Once on base, it seemed like everyone was speaking a different language. Why was her husband off to an all-night 'hump' with a bunch of men? From her first PCS (which she calls a Pretty Crappy Situation) to settling into the military life, Mollie explores topics such as base housing. Deployment, and the emotional whirlwind of the reunion. Helping military families laugh at a time when they really need it, Mollie brings a new perspective to the ups and downs of military life.

1.1 Going Green
1.2 Military Wife
1.3 Grandma
1.4 PCS
1.5 Life on Base
1.6 Deployment
1.7 Communication
1.8 Reunion

Mollie Gross: Military Wife Comedy

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