Molly O'Mahony & Norman Collins

Molly O'Mahony & Norman Collins: Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars

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Artist: Molly O'Mahony & Norman Collins
Title: Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars

Recorded in West Cork Ireland, quiet nights of quiet stars, quiet chords from my guitar, floating on the silence that surrounds us quiet thoughts and quiet dreams, quiet walks by quiet streams and the window that looks out on the mountain and the sea, how lovely that's us in west Cork. Romantic meoldies to dream on, sensitive guitar to inspire . e mail for a free guitar music transcription and tab.

1.1 One Note Samba
1.2 Halleluia I Love Her So
1.3 How Insensitive
1.4 Jealousy
1.5 If You Never
1.6 Boy from Ipanema
1.7 Night Train
1.8 Quiet of Quiet Stars
1.9 Wave
1.10 Meditation
1.11 Triste
1.12 Cry Me a River
1.13 Sway

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