Molter / Camerata Bachienis: Molter: Orchestral Music & Cantatas

Molter / Camerata Bachienis: Molter: Orchestral Music & Cantatas
Title: Molter: Orchestral Music & Cantatas
Label: Brilliant Classics

Born in 1696 in Thuringen, Johann Melchior Molter's musical talent was recognized at an early age. He served in the court orchestra at Karlsruhe, and later studied alongside Vivaldi and Scarlatiti in Italy before returning home to live the rest of his life as a court composer. Molter's work is characterized by ceremonial and festive tunes. His happy mix of German counterpoint, French grandeur, and Italian brilliance create a charming and intricate listening experience. This new release, which is performed on period instruments by the Camerata Bachiensis, includes a variety of cantatas and orchestral works

1.1 I. - Camerata Bachiensis
1.2 II. Andante - Camerata Bachiensis
1.3 III. - Camerata Bachiensis
1.4 In Petto Ho Un Certo Affanno - Julia Kirchner/Camerata Bachiensis
1.5 Ardo Tacita Amante - Julia Kirchner/Camerata Bachiensis
1.6 L'adorar Beltà Che Piace - Julia Kirchner/Camerata Bachiensis
1.7 I. - Camerata Bachiensis
1.8 II. Adagio - Camerata Bachiensis
1.9 III. - Camerata Bachiensis
1.10 I. Allegro - Camerata Bachiensis
1.11 II. Largo - Camerata Bachiensis
1.12 Tango No. 3. Allegro - Camerata Bachiensis
1.13 I. Overture - Camerata Bachiensis
1.14 II. Paisan. Viste - Camerata Bachiensis
1.15 III. Passecaille - Camerata Bachiensis
1.16 IV. Menuet - Camerata Bachiensis
1.17 Care Erbette Amiche Piante - Julia Kirchner/Camerata Bachiensis
1.18 Dilettissimo Tirso - Julia Kirchner/Camerata Bachiensis
1.19 Colle Ninfe E Coi Pastori - Julia Kirchner/Camerata Bachiensis

Molter / Camerata Bachienis: Molter: Orchestral Music & Cantatas

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