Mong Tong

Mong Tong: Mystery

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Mong Tong

Title: Mystery
Label: Guruguru Brain
Product Type: VINYL LP

Brothers Hom Yu and Jiun Chi returned to Taipei in 2017 after finishing their studies. Since then they began to explore their mutual obsession for Taiwanese occult-inspired art and vintage superstitious imagery, channeling it through music. Mong Tong means many things in Chinese, but the translation they choose to fit their music is "the east-side of dreams". On "Mystery" these inspirations combine with the dark humour of Taiwanese folklore and a love of conspiracy theories to form what they describe as "a psychedelic journey to the east." Recorded in their home studio in Taipei, "Mystery" is a psychedelic journey into Taiwanese folklore combined with the 80's media obsession with the supernatural. It's a record that manages to combine nostalgia and tradition with humour and an underlying intrinsic earthiness to create something unlike anything else out there.

1.1 Intro
1.2 Mystery ??
1.3 Chakra
1.4 Jou-Tau
1.5 717
1.6 Ancient Mars
1.7 A Nambra
1.8 In the K. Court

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