Monica Marquis

Monica Marquis: So Sweet

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Artist: Monica Marquis

Artist: Monica Marquis
Title: So Sweet

Monica Marquis is an indie neo-soul singer, keyboardist, and songwriter based in San Jose, CA. She performs her own original music in clubs, lounges, and events and has sold CDs internationally. Her vocal influences range from Sting to Stevie Wonder, Sade to Chrissy Hynde, etc. Monica studied classical piano from age 7-21, after which she went on to earn a BA Degree in music at San Jose State University where she studied vocal performance, jazz improv, and improvised music of world cultures. She has also studied Brazilian, Afro-Cuban, and West African percussion. Monica has performed in the San Francisco Bay Area for over a decade. She performed in the San Jose Jazz Festival in '07, and was a featured band on KGO Radio's Cure-A-Thon ('08) benefiting blood cancer research. In 2009 she recorded her new album and continues to perform with a band of extraordinarily talented musicians. Monica is inspired by a diverse range of musical genres, and enjoys modern-day songwriters who fuse these genres in unique and interesting ways. Monica hopes to follow in their footsteps breaking new ground in music. Her first album "This is Me", was an impressive debut made up entirely of Monica's original compositions, and now, her follow-up album 'So Sweet' shows her growth over the past 5 years as a songwriter as she covers topics ranging from violence in the media, to finding love in Cyberspace. The album has 10 solid well-written tracks which show Monica's trademark of thick vocal harmonies, her vast vocal range, and her tasty musical influences that range from classic soul, to jazz, to 70s jazz/rock. Monica co-produces her albums along with Adam Rossi (producer and keyboardist for the KFOG-famed band Luce). Listen and enjoy!

1.1 Crazy Music
1.2 Reality
1.3 The Way Our Love Is
1.4 So Sweet
1.5 Will We Ever Be
1.6 Cyberlove
1.7 How You Feel
1.8 Blind
1.9 Too Late
1.10 You'd Like Me Now

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