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Monica Parker Sista: Singin' in the Spirit

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Title: Singin' in the Spirit
Label: CD Baby

This historic LIVE CD 'Singin' In The Spirit' was produced by SIsta Monica Parker. She invited Pastor & Bishop Yvette Flunder (formerly of the Hawkins Singers), grammy-nominated singer, historian and storyteller Linda Tillery, the award-winning blues boogie piano player - Deanna Bogart, her assistant choir director, background and lead singer Tammi Brown and Harlan Isaac to sing solos and duets in the spirit, with her choir. And That They Did! This CD documents an evening of anointed gospel music filled with the audience singing along, and high praise that will uplift your heart and soul. Located in a jammed packed First Congregational Church of Santa Cruz, CA, they are sang, laughed, clapped, cried, danced, and celebrated the gift of gospel music to Santa Cruz and the surrounding communities. The gifted musicians highlighted on this CD are Tommy Brown on pentecostal gospel bass, Chris Akin from the Sista Monica Band on bass, Saul Sierra on bass, David Tucker from the Sista Monica Band on drums and Jeff Minnieweather on pentecostal drums, Peter Meredith, Deanna Bogart, Abdul Hamid (know also as Reggie Royal) and Tammi Brown on piano. David Dupart on Hammond B3 Organ, Gary Regina on tenor sax and Don Caruth on a spirited guitar. SIsta Monica is an award-winning singer/songwriter in blues and gospel music. In 2010, she was nominated for a Blues Music Award as the 'Best Soul & Blues Female Artist of the Year' by the Blues Foundation in Memphis, Tennessee. Despite her recognition in this area of music, she opened her heart and mind to the calling of musical ministry in 2008. Then, she started a 50 voice workshop choir that became known as The Sista Monica Gospel Choir (SMG Choir) in Santa Cruz, California. She began by teaching traditional congregational songs and praise songs that were her personal favorites growing up as a child in both the Baptist and COGIC Pentecostal Churches. The song 'Oh Happy Day' - a personal favorite arranged by Edwin Hawkins is highlighted by the fact that lead singer Shirley Miller was in the audience. The CD takes us back to the rich traditional of Dr. Watts 'I Love the Lord' as it is introduced by Linda Tillery. 'It's Good To Be Alive' written by Danny Beconcini and Monica Parker is her personal favorite as she belts out her testimony as as seven (7) year cancer survivor. This Singin' In The Spirit will take you on a ride of traditional and contemporary gospel and soulful music.

1.1 Singin' in the Spirit (Intro)
1.2 Spirit You Are Our Mother/Father (Feat. SMG Choir)
1.3 Oh Happy Day (Feat. SMG Choir)
1.4 It's Good to Be Alive (Feat. SMG Choir)
1.5 Music Is a Voice of God (Feat. Tammi Brown ; SMG Choir)
1.6 You Gotta Move (Feat. Linda Tillery)
1.7 Intro to Dr. Watts (Feat. Linda Tillery)
1.8 I Love the Lord (Feat. Linda Tillery)
1.9 My Soul Says Yes (Feat. Yvette Flunder ; SMG Choir)
1.10 Cogic Yes! (Feat. Yvette Flunder ; SMG Choir)
1.11 There Is Power (Feat. Yvette Flunder ; SMG Choir)
1.12 Praise Break (Feat. Yvette Flunder ; SMG Choir)
1.13 Bless That Wonderful Name of Jesus (Feat. Yvette Flunder ; SMG Choir)
1.14 I Shall Not Walk Alone (Feat. Deanna Bogart)
1.15 Heart N' Soul (Feat. Deanna Bogart ; SMG Choir)
1.16 Soul Shine (Feat. Harlan Isaac ; SMG Choir)
1.17 I Got a Feeling (Feat. Yvette Flunder ; SMG Choir)
1.18 Singin' in the Spirit (Reprise) (Feat. SMG Choir)

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