Montijo Fink, Kelly Montijo

Montijo Fink, Kelly Montijo: Heartbeat of the Creator

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Title: Heartbeat of the Creator
Label: CD Baby

This is the debut release of Kelly Montijo Fink (Mexican / Apache / Spanish) and a NAMMY (Native American Music Award) Nominee. The songs on this album were birthed out of times of prayer, fasting, and intercession for the tribes of North America. As Kelly and friends gathered to worship the Creator and listen to hear His heartbeat for the people, she received revelation to gather the songs as a 'loaves and fishes' offering to Him - so that out of little, many would be fed.

1.1 Call to the Nations
1.2 Ester's Song/Haddassah's Plea
1.3 Drum 4 Life
1.4 Song for the Bride
1.5 Earth Cry
1.6 Song of Deliverance
1.7 S Z
1.8 Ghost Dance (2005)
1.9 Tambor de Vida
1.10 The Response (Urpan NDN Hebrew Rap)

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