Monvelyno Alexis

Monvelyno Alexis: Kouzen Azakamede

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Title: Kouzen Azakamede
Label: CD Baby

Kod ak Po, (Cordes et Peaux), or Skins & Strings is the name of the project Monvelyno has been working on for ten years. The idea of this project began in Haiti where the essence came from acquiring knowledge through study and research in Ethnology, and the practice of Voudoun traditional chants and rhythms from temples and ceremonies. Kod ak Po is a combination of spirituality and the beauty of the actual music that comes from those spirits; so called 'Lwa' or 'Myster' of Haitian ancestors who fought for Haiti's independence 200 years ago. Because spirits do not have any shape, space or allegiance, this truth is for all people and nations. They have fought for everyone, everyday. This is the inspiration of Kod ak Po. That's why you can hear everything in this project from Jazz, Pop, Roots, Rock, Blues, Afro beat or Funk all based on Haitian Culture. Kod ak Po is a non-categorized music. You can name it whatever you hear when you listen to it.

1.1 Erzullie
1.2 Mwen Rantre
1.3 Veve Ogoun
1.4 Kouzan Azakamede
1.5 Kote Yo Ye
1.6 Anmwey
1.7 Kouraj
1.8 Mwen Anvi
1.9 Ayizan
1.10 Dambalahwedo
1.11 Se Ou
1.12 Gede O.D
1.13 Mwen Sot Nan Ginen

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