Moonshoes Mumsy

Moonshoes Mumsy: Dancing Ground

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Moonshoes Mumsy

Title: Dancing Ground
Label: CD Baby

Moonshoes Mumsy is an up and coming groove-based indie rock band. Their sound is a blend of raucous garage rock with a vintage sixties vibe. Formed in the summer of 2009 by Addison Perkins (guitar and vocals), Casey Hughes (drums), and Noah Dobbs (bass), they have created a distinct and eclectic sound.

1.1 John Candy
1.2 Cups
1.3 Fly in the Soup
1.4 I Still Like Gypsies
1.5 Lamb Jam
1.6 Dancing Ground
1.7 Toothbrush Bartholomew
1.8 Waterfall
1.9 Jamberry Jazz
1.10 Universe to Person
1.11 Is Green

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