Morales, Luciano & David

Morales, Luciano & David: Esperanza

$13.10 $15.98

Artist: Morales, Luciano & David
Title: Esperanza
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

Cadenza's head honcho Luciano teams with house music legend David Morales for Esperanza. David and Luciano composed the track together but they each refined their own mix. Luciano's "Flow Latino Mix" is a long, tribal, ground-moving crescendo with a sub-frequency dense kick and sparkling Nuyorican-flavored percussion. Hand drums ride a magnetic bass provoking a state of hyper-amnesia slowly reaching a climax of celestial chords. David Morales's "Red Zone Mix" is a lengthy dramatic ascension with a darker feeling. Stretched textures are the background of a constellation of scattered percussion, over which fast paced hi-hats subliminally introduce evocative strings and arpeggios.

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