Morbid Angel

Morbid Angel: Illud Divinum Insamus: The Remixes

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Morbid Angel

Title: Illud Divinum Insamus: The Remixes
Label: Season of Mist

2012 two CD remix project. The legendary Morbid Angel crushed Extreme music barriers once again with 2011's Illud Divinum Insanus. The sheer daring Illud... made it one of 2011's most controversial and talked about Metal records. Born out of the band's penchant for exploring new sounds is Illud Divinum Insanus - the Remixes. The collection features fresh, sharp tracks creating with the Illud... material by the foremost names in the Electro, Industrial, and DJ worlds. Laibach, Cevin Key (Skinny Puppy), Combichrist, the Toxic Avenger, Project Pitchfork and Punish Yourself are just a few remixer's on this mind-blowing three hour collection.

1.1 I Am Morbid [We Are Laibach]
1.2 Omnidead [Cevin Key/Hiwatt Marshall]
1.3 Too Extreme [Brain Leisure]
1.4 10 More Dead [The Toxic Avenger]
1.5 I Am Morbid [Malakwa]
1.6 Too Extreme [Synapscape]
1.7 Destructors Vs the Earth [Doomsday March Mix]
1.8 Too Extreme [Hiv+]
1.9 I Am Morbid [Micropoint Remix]
1.10 Too Extreme [Metallyzer Aka John Lord Fonda]
1.11 Radikult [Evil Activities]
1.12 Too Extreme [Mixhell]
1.13 I Am Morbid [Black Lung]
1.14 Radikult [Mondkopf]
1.15 Existo Vulgor [Xytras]
1.16 I Am Morbid [I Am Toxic Remix]
2.1 I Am Morbid [Ahnst Anders]
2.2 Destructos Vs the Earth [Nachtmahr]
2.3 Profundis/Mea Culpa [Skold]
2.4 10 More Dead [Black Strobe]
2.5 Too Extreme [Miss Construction By Chris Pohl]
2.6 Destructos Vs the Earth [Project Pitchfork]
2.7 10 More Dead [Treponem Pal
2.8 I Am Morbid [Evolution Mix]
2.9 Radikult [Fixhead]
2.10 I Am Morbid [DJ Ruffneck]
2.11 Remixou Morbidou [Igorrr]
2.12 I Am Morbid [Le Chant Du Cygne Remix]
2.13 10 More Dead [Tek-One]
2.14 I Am Morbid [Adrian]
2.15 Existo Vulgor [The Horrorist]
3.1 Destructos Vs the Earth [Combichrist]
3.2 Nevermore [Chrysalide]
3.3 Destructos Vs the Earth [Asche]
3.4 10 More Dead [Deconstructed]
3.5 I Am Morbid [Dead Sexy Inc.]
3.6 Radikult [Roger Rotor]
3.7 I Am Morbid [The Processus]
3.8 Existo Vulgor [Mulk]

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