More From the Other Side of the Trax: Volt 45Rpm

More From the Other Side of the Trax: Volt 45Rpm: More From The Other Side Of The Trax: Volt 45RPM Rarities 1960-1968

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Artist: More From the Other Side of the Trax: Volt 45Rpm
Title: More From The Other Side Of The Trax: Volt 45RPM Rarities 1960-1968

UK collection. To commemorate the 50th anniversary this month of the ground-breaking Hit The Road Stax tour of the UK and Europe, Kent is delighted to bring you a second volume of previously un-reissued Stax recordings from the company's "blue" era (1960-68). Our first volume from The Other Side Of The Trax was originally intended to be a standalone project with no follow-up. Strong demand for more of the same - plus the fact that there were still many Stax masters to choose from - made the compilation of a second volume something of a formality. These may have been b-sides originally, but there's nothing remotely inferior about any of the chosen tracks - indeed, most could just as easily have been A-sides. Many of the biggest names ever to appear on Stax are featured - several of whom toured the UK and Europe on numerous occasions over the years - as well as one or two of the most obscure. All of the tracks are taken from original singles masters apart from one that had to be dubbed from disc due to the deterioration of the original tape. Given that none of these tracks has ever been available on anything other than the original 45s, we are anticipating that More From The Other Side Of The Trax will enjoy the same healthy sales and acclaim it's predecessor did.

1.1 Good Love, Bad Love - Eddie Floyd
1.2 Fine and Mellow - Rufus Thomas
1.3 You Make a Strong Girl Weak - the Premiers
1.4 One Plus One - William Bell
1.5 Never Let You Go - Rufus and Carla Thomas
1.6 I Don't Want Trouble - Barbara and the Browns
1.7 Grab This Thing Part 2 - the Mar-Keys
1.8 Don't Make Something Out of Nothing - William Bell
1.9 All Night Worker - Rufus Thomas
1.10 I Want You Back - Carla Thomas
1.11 The Puppet - Carla Thomas
1.12 Down Deep Inside - Rufus ; Friend
1.13 I Don't Worry - Barbara Stephens
1.14 The Shovel - the Mar-Keys
1.15 Reputation - the Four Shells
1.16 Raw Dough - the Triumphs
1.17 What'cha Gonna' Do - William Bell
1.18 Talkin' Bout True Love - Rufus Thomas
1.19 It's Starting to Grow - Carla Thomas
1.20 Mini Skirt Minnie (Instrumental) - Sir Mack Rice
1.21 Greasy Spoon - Rufus Thomas
1.22 I'm Waiting on You - William Bell
1.23 The Dribble - the Mar-Keys
1.24 Don't Let the Love Light Leave - Carla Thomas

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