Morga: For the Sake of Auld Decency

Morga: For the Sake of Auld Decency
Title: For the Sake of Auld Decency
Label: CD Baby

A shared passion for old and lively traditional music drew the band together; it was formed in 2008 by Jonas Fromseier (Greek bouzouki / banjo), Danny Diamond (fiddle), Dominic Keogh (bodhrán and flute) and Barry Brady (accordion) and in 2009 Mórga released their self-titled debut album to critical acclaim. The band toured extensively, appearing at highly respected festivals such as The Tonder festival, The Shetland Folk festival, The Ballyshannon Folk festival and The Open House Festival in Belfast, to name a few, and also appearing several times on Irish television and radio. After taking a break between 2011 and late 2012 another musician with the same passion and mindset, David Munnelly, lit the spark under Jonas, Danny, and Dominic again, and brought his masterful, energetic accordion playing to add a new dimension to the band. Following a 10 date re-launch tour of Ireland in early 2013, and due to the overwhelming response they received, Mórga recorded & released new demo material on Youtube and Soundcloud, gaining a new and expanding fanbase in the process. The band's second album titled 'For the Sake of Auld Decency' was recorded in Dublin in August 2013. On the new recording the band members pay tribute to their musical roots and kick up a storm while doing so! The album will be released on CD and digital download in December 2013.

1.1 Paddy Cronin's (Slide)/ Get Up Old Woman and Shake Yourself [Slide] / the Chicken That Made the Soup [Slide]
1.2 Fitzmaurice's Polka
1.3 Johnny's So Long at the Fair (Single Jig) / Sweet Marie [Two-Step] / Coen's Memories [Reel] / My Maryann [Reel]
1.4 Fred and Peter's (Lancers) / Up the Hill of Down [Fling] / the Kilmaley [Reel] / for the Sake of Auld Decency [Reel]
1.5 Finbarr Dwyer's (Reel) / the Bird's Nest [Reel] / Lomanach Cross [Reel]
1.6 Devlin's (Jig) / the Geese on the Bog [Jig] / the Leg of the Duck [Jig] / Birdie [Old-Time Tune]
1.7 Fred and Peter's (Polka) / the Mountain Pathway [Polka]
1.8 Believe Me, If All Those Endearing Young Charms (Air) / Garry Owen [March] / Connie the Soldier [Jig] / Dever the Dancer [Slip Jig]
1.9 Farewell to Cailroe (Reel) / the Road to Garrison [Reel] / the Callan Lasses [Reel]
1.10 Gol Na Mban San Ar (Air) / Hardiman the Fiddler [Slip Jig] / Three Ha'pence a Day [Jig]
1.11 Kelly's (Schottische) / the Sunflower Schottische
1.12 The Edenderry (Reel) / the Dangerous Reel / the New Found Out Reel

Morga: For the Sake of Auld Decency

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