Morgan: Across the Divide

Morgan: Across the Divide
Title: Across the Divide
Label: CD Baby

Morgan = Dave Scott-Morgan aided and abetted by a fusillade of fine musicians. In the last century Dave was part of the world-famous group, ELO - and also the writer of a major European hit. When he's not playing songs, Dave teaches people to fly aeroplanes and he was once the pastor of a church in Birmingham, his home city. This album bravely melds myriads of styles, mixing conventional recording techniques with an innovative creativity and energy you'd expect from a rock 'n' roller from the Old School. It also contains the wry Brummy tongue-in-cheek element that propelled stars into the limelight from it's earthy and pithy launch pad. But take it seriously if you want to!

1.1 Benediction
1.2 Normal Day
1.3 Mission Impossible
1.4 Samson ; Delilah
1.5 Ball ; Chain
1.6 Cold City
1.7 Shanty Town Blues
1.8 Robin's Song
1.9 Post War Baby
1.10 Girl in a Jaguar
1.11 Across the Divide

Morgan: Across the Divide

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