Morgan Bryan: In This Moment

Morgan Bryan: In This Moment
Title: In This Moment
Label: CD Baby

It's raw standing on stage, just you and your acoustic guitar, but it is a great way to refine songs and get instant feedback on how they are appreciated. Having said that, once done it is rewarding going into the studio to add the extra textures that you hear every time you play your songs live. I have been involved in writing and performing music for many years. Most notably as the singer, guitarist and songwriter for the alternative electronic rock band V-Sor,X (several releases in Europe). I have also released a number of instrumental albums in a style once termed as ambient/filmscape, sort of John Barry meets Jean Michel Jarre. This new album, 'In This Moment', moves in a slightly different direction, as it's foundation is modern acoustic guitar based songs but references my other influences (post punk alternative, film music, modern Celtic folk, electronic pop, ambient, rock/new wave). I have always loved artists who demonstrate great diversity in their output. Bands that don't conform to one writing style (e.g. The Cure - "A Night Like This' vs. ''Wrong Number', Muse - 'Hysteria' vs. 'Sing For Absolution', Led Zeppelin - 'Trampled Under Foot' vs. 'Kashmir', Starsailor - 'Tell Me It's Not Over' vs. 'Tie Up My Hands', Depeche Mode - 'It Doesn't Matter Two' vs. 'It's No Good', Stranglers - 'Get A Grip On Yourself' vs. 'Golden Brown' and a book full of other acts). It shows richness in creativity and love for music, as it is not constrained to one form or pace. It is this feeling of diversity that the album title attempts to capture. The lyrical content of this album draws from experiences in relationships as well reflections on the world around. The songs from an emotional place are not standard love songs, as they more often than not highlighting anomalies in the way we, or I, approach attraction or the conclusion of a relationship. So this might be the disparity between the person we first see across a room and the personality we imagine they might have or, having instigated the end of an affair, how it is impossible to deliver any kind sentiment the party that has been most hurt. Another theme is the lack of tolerance shown in our world. No, I am not very good at it either but I do wonder how we go about engendering a better understanding of our fellow human being from whatever culture, belief or previous misdemeanour they may have carried out. The making of this album, including music, lyrics, recording, artwork and photography, has been a very positive experience. I feel it is not only accessible but I have managed to deliver something very personal and I am proud of that. Let's hope you enjoy it too.

1.1 Another Evening
1.2 You Never Said Goodbye
1.3 Charlotte
1.4 Dangerous Ground
1.5 Left Out
1.6 Field of the Dead (Spin Mix]
1.7 All That You've Done
1.8 Missing You
1.9 Racing Home [Instrumental]
1.10 We're Still Alive
1.11 Tumble
1.12 The Imperfect Dream [Extended Mix]

Morgan Bryan: In This Moment

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