Morgan Jordan & Connie Crockett

Morgan Jordan & Connie Crockett: Caterpillar Music

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Artist: Morgan Jordan & Connie Crockett
Title: Caterpillar Music

Music for the whole family to enjoy. Original, thoughtful songs that take older ones back to by gone days: Ride with us on Grandpa's Buckboard. Bridging generation gaps with imagination: No one can see My Cowboy- but me- Humor : Have you ever wondered if the floor could talk....?and fun; Let's go Muddlin'! Touching on difficult times with honesty and appreciation, for the power of imagination in us all. Celebrating that power, our music let's you take your heart out and sing!

1.1 Gravity
1.2 Muddlin'
1.3 I Wonder
1.4 Mr. Policeman
1.5 Caterpillar Song
1.6 It's Okay to Feel
1.7 Would You Like to.
1.8 The Buckboard Song
1.9 My Cowboy and Me
1.10 Why'd You Die My Big Oak Tree?
1.11 Rocking Chair
1.12 Old R. Bones
1.13 Warm Fuzzies
1.14 Howie

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