Mork Gryning: Mork Gryning (Limited)

Mork Gryning: Mork Gryning (Limited)
Artist: Mork Gryning
Title: Mork Gryning (Limited)

Limited edition pressing. After leaving No Fashion Records in 2004 and disbanding in the early part of 2005, Mork Gryning have reformed in order to record a new album for the fast-rising Black Lodge record label. Their bombastic sound is accentuated by stellar production and pure unholy abhorrence on their latest self-titled effort, as Mork Gryning have again risen to slay and kill. 2005.

1.1 Lazarus Rising
1.2 Ingendyrkan
1.3 Sun
1.4 Into Oblivion
1.5 Aurora
1.6 Pure
1.7 All Discarded
1.8 Disguise My Parting
1.9 Neverwhere
1.10 Aurora (Live)

Mork Gryning: Mork Gryning (Limited)

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