Moses Mayfield

Moses Mayfield: The Inside

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Artist: Moses Mayfield

Artist: Moses Mayfield
Title: The Inside

Immediately apparent on THE INSIDE, Moses Mayfield's major label debut album, is how vital and well-crafted these songs are and how powerful the music that drives these songs can be. THE INSIDE's dynamic, a balance of bear-knuckled Rock combined with lush ambient textures, is a result of the album being recorded over two sessions, interrupted by a break, during which the band penned a second batch of songs including "Control", "Cease Fire" and the first single "Fall Behind". [Note: This product is an authorized CD-R and is manufactured on demand].

1.1 Days Away
1.2 Control
1.3 Fall Behind
1.4 Element
1.5 Ceasefire
1.6 The Inside
1.7 Keep My Distance
1.8 Wait My Turn
1.9 A Cycle
1.10 Strange New Place
1.11 Modern Rarity
1.12 Send Me Out

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